Monday, April 15, 2013

Assorted Holly Leaves Hard Candy Mold

On sale now for Assorted Holly Leaves Hard Candy Mold is becoming hot. This awesome Assorted Leaves Hard is currently available, you may purchase it right now for just $0.00 and often delivered in 24 hours.

Item Description

Small Leaves - �" x �" x ?" - Large Leaves - �" x 1�" x ?".

30 cavities per mold.

Suitable for hard candy and cookie making.

Oven safe to 375�.

Wash in hot water. Avoid using soap on any mold, it will reduce the shine appearance of the finished product. Molds may be used many times.

Quality plastic mold, FDA approved.

Use LorAnn Hard Candy Mix for easy hard candy.


  • FDA approved plastic
  • Made in the USA

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