Tuesday, March 26, 2013

SassieShotz Isomalt Sticks, Silver Glitter

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Product Information

Pre-cooked & colored SassieShotz Isomalt Sticks are a fast and effortless way to have instant melted sugar for making gorgeous, glossy, edible decorations. SassieShotz Isomalt Sticks can be quickly melted in the microwave or on a stovetop. Pour the melted Isomalt into silicone molds for quick and easy butterflies, bottles, gemstones, hearts, fish, and snowflakes... the list is endless! What about quickly assembling a gingerbread house without having to mix up a batch of messy Royal Icing? Our SassieShotz Isomalt Sticks are the perfect solution for all kinds of gingerbread house creations; frozen ponds/swimming pools; icicles; windows or even just ice on the roof and trees.

SassieShotz Isomalt Sticks are also made to fit in our patent-pending SassieShot Sugar Melting Gun. SassieShotz Isomalt Sticks come 10 to a package and are available in dozens of colors, including clear, vibrant Jewel tones, creamy Cloud colors, sparkly Glitter isomalt, shimmery Pearl colors, gleaming Metallics, and assorted holiday and special occasion Collections. The generous 6 inch size means more decorations per stick. Each stick is 1 ounce of pure Isomalt.

Glitters are fun, playful, shimmery sticks of crystal clear Isomalt swirled with non-toxic cake decorating glitter. Let your imagination take flight and add dazzling decorations to your creations. While edible, we recommend the use of these sticks for decorative use only.

*Caution when handling hot Isomalt, it is recommended to wear protective sugar gloves. Adult Supervision required.


  • Ready to use Isomalt
  • Pre-cooked & colored for quick decorating
  • Make stunning sugar pieces
  • Fast & easy gingerbread house assembly
  • Isomalt Sticks

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