Saturday, March 30, 2013

Polymerose 9 Cavity Silicone TRAIN Baking Mold Pan

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Item Info

The best quality cake silicone mold you will find! This baking pan mold will cook evenly, no burnt edges!
The silicone cake pan molds offer a perfect release of everything you cook!
Use it as a cake pan mold, or as a mini cake pan mold, or as a cupcake pan mold.
Excellent also as a muffins pan or as a dessert and jello mold.

Safe to use in:

Oven or microwave (Cup cakes, cakes)
Refrigerator (Jello and desserts)
Freezer (ice cream)

Easy to clean and store: Due to its flexibility, it
helps you save storage space.

FDA approved.

Strong Feat

  • Highest quality silicone: Nonstick material that won't fade, flake or wear off.
  • Better results: Bakes evenly and completely: No burnt bottoms or edges. It will stop baking when removed from the oven, preventing overcooking.
  • Easy to unmold, with perfect release.
  • Easy to clean. Dishwasher safe. Easy to store: Due to its flexibility, it helps you save storage space.
  • Measurements of the train silicone mold in inches: W: 9.6 L: 13.8 H: 2 Approximated size of each of the pieces of the train in inches: W: 3 L:2 H: 2 Capacity of each Cavity: 4 oz We invite you to see all the POLYMEROSE silicone molds: Just type POLYMEROSE in the search bar of Amazon, and you will find a wide variety of beautiful silicone molds!!

User Opinions

Love this

3 girls and one boy.... this cake mold is awesome for creating unique trains for each of them!!! great for holiday decorating as well.... I would say not to use chocolate/dark cake mixes.... they don't work as well as white.... or a much denser cake...

Good idea.
My Kitchen

My son doesn't eat vegetables. I started making brownies with vegetables (I fond the recipe in "thesneaky chef "on the internet). After some time he lost interest in this brownies, until I had the idea of baking them in fun shapes. He is eating them again, he enjoys each of the wagons. Hopefully, he doesn't get tired of the train too soon. In the meantime I am enjoying sneaking baby spinach and berries into his train shaped cocoa brownies.

Rating: 5 2 reviews

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