Monday, June 3, 2013

Dragon Candy Mold Great Save

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Product Info

2 cavity mold. This is a chocolate mold, will not withstand high heat and is not dishwasher safe. For general care: wash and rinse in warm not hot water and dry thoroughly.

Factor Benefits

  • Made in the USA
  • Hobby grade FDA approved plastic

Customer Opinions

Not really D&D

This is not really made for D&D. It has 2 areas to fill. One is a Castle front with one square turret, and a knight in the entrance. The other is a Dimetrodon, which is often classed as a fin-back dinosaur, but is not in any current Monster Manual. It could be substituted for the Spinosaurus in Monster Manual II, but it is not bipedal & would be Huge instead of Gargantuan. And it would leaved melted chocolate on your hands and playing area.As a candy mold it is ok. You could make 1 sided chocolate 'bars' or filled chocolate pieces, if you brushed in the chocolate and let it cool before filling it, then sealing it with a final layer of chocolate. It could also work as a playdough or marzipan mold. The plastic is more firm than some of the most difficult blister packs to open, and the detail, while not great, is more practical for easy release of chilled chocolate. You would find plastic toys of this detail at dollar world, but it has more detail than you'd find on any solid chocolate bunny. Painted with colored melting candy chips and filled with chocolate, it would make an awesome centerpiece for a child's birthday cake. It should hold 4-6 oz of chocolate per molding.

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