Friday, May 3, 2013

CK Santa Claus Smart Deal

On sale now for CK Products Santa Claus Truffle Chocolate Mold is now available. This awesome product is currently on sale, you might purchase it now for just $0.00 and usually delivered in a day.

Item Info

CK Products chocolate molds are first quality, plastic molds. They are durable and reusable. not machine washable. Our chocolate molds are suitable for chocolate, soap making, butter molding, ice-cubes, plaster and concrete crafting. These molds are FDA approved


  • Each piece is 1-5/8-inch Diameter by 1-inch Depth
  • 6�Cavities per mold
  • This mold makes approximately�35 pieces per pound of chocolate
  • Not dishwasher safe; do not use for hard candy or other hot ingredients
  • FDA approved polypropylene plastic; use with chocolate, candy coating, soap, butter, or cream cheese

Customer Opinions

I agree with Ladybug
Sharon K. Lamoreaux

I had the same problem. Filled with chocolate put the filled centers in them and put in frig. They won't release. I bang them till they cracked. I would get maybe one out of the whole sheet.

Do not buy - defective mold!

The santas in these molds are really cute, but anything you put in the mold will not pop out. I discovered this the hard way after painstakingly filling 3 molds with chocolate truffle fillings (easily an hour long, labor-intensive process), then could not remove the chocolate except by scooping it out with a spoon (and demolishing the truffle in the process). Before I demolished the truffles to remove the chocolate, I tried freezing the molds (instead of just refrigerating them), using a hair dryer, and even poking a hole in the top (presumably to break any vacuum seal that the chocolate created). To anyone who thinks I may have had this problem because of the type of chocolate, I will note that I used a more traditional half-egg shaped mold at the same time (with the same chocolate) and had no problem with the release. To further test the santa mold, I filled one with water and froze it. The ice would not release until it had been mostly melted. It seems parts of Santa's hat are larger than the part of the mold they need to pass through in order to release, hence my title of "defective mold."Bottom line: Spend your money on a mold that works. I threw mine away, and wish I had never spent money and time with these molds.

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